What is Christianity?

Christianity is a worldwide faith that declares that there is one God who created all things and continues to be active through his Spirit in the world today.

God created each person with a heart, a mind and freewill but we used these gifts wrongly and turned away from God. As a result sin, suffering and death entered the world. However such was God’s love that he sent his Son Jesus to redeem people and all of creation.

We are now invited to believe in Jesus and live according to God’s new values of love, forgiveness and compassion. Our parish is like a new society that God is creating within ordinary life. We still get things wrong but we’re becoming a loving and life-filled community! We’d love you to join us!

Click here to read a short article about Christianity – what it is, what it says and how it all makes sense within a world that doesn’t.

A Prayer for You

If you are uncertain about what being a Christian is all about but would like to ‘try it out’ you’re invited to pray the prayer below.

Dear God, I wonder if you’re there or if you’re even listening to me. However, if it’s possible to have a relationship with you, then I sincerely want to find you and know you. You have promised that those who seek will find. Help me to overcome all roadblocks and hindrances. Help me to experience your love. I do not want to believe just because others have told me. I want to know you personally and to love you truly. Amen

If you prayed this prayer you’re invited to tell someone about it and find out more. Expect your faith to grow and to experience God!

What is Christianity all about?

What is Christianity all about? What does it offer? And how does my life story fit with God’s story? Click here to watch a short summary of Christianity.

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A Next Step

A further way of finding out more about God is to meet regularly with an experienced guide for a month or two. Vicar John is very approachable and is available to meet with you in this way. It would involve prayer and a short Bible study. You don’t have to have Bible – we’ll sort that! Email John here.